1. to whom it may concern

  2. This is goodbye.

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    faebel asked: Not sure why you're acting like the victim now. Your own attitude caused this. Say what you want and think what you want but you might want to be nicer about it in future.

    It doesn’t matter anymore.

    Nobody has to worry about a thing.

    I’m falling off the face of the tumblr earth forever.


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    i hope you don’t, but if its what you need, then i hope you’re not gone too long

    I will be gone permanently this time if I do.

  5. Don’t be surprised if, by the end of the day, I decide to drop off the face of the tumblr earth entirely.

    I just…can’t deal with any of this anymore. I am NOT strong enough. 

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    Just gonna go…

    Ok yeah. Bye.

  7. Didn’t even come to mind…

    ok good. just wanted to be clear. hahahaha

  8. The older I get the more I learn two things:

    1) Don’t trust anyone.
    2) Ok, no, just #1 actually.

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    I don’t know what’s happening with the Rizzles fanfic fandom lately…but I have something to say.

    Some people do feel like jobethdalloway dominates the challenges when she enters…that is FINE..it actually pushes me to try harder next time and try to get my fic to more people…I think that the issue is that not everyone has the same follower base as some people and that skews the results…ending in the same people winning week after week.

    Writers have actually dropped out of the challenge because they think they have no chance of winning…even though their work is phenomenal! Which is a waste, because…hell…everyone loves reading great fics about the girls!

    Speaking of people stopping writing….

    I am fairly positive themagic8ballknowsall has never said that anyone should stops writing…so people are flaming her for that. Sure she could have handled some things differently…but guess what…she’s human…we all are.


    Some people in this fandom, are elevating the top fic writers to statuses they should NOT be…I have read comments that some writers are gods…seriously? They are writers…not beings of omnipotent power. Calm your tits! You can love them…not denying that…love them…more love the better! I’m just saying it’s kind of creepy and it might make some of the writers you are calling gods or whatnot, uncomfortable….and it would probably discourage other writers from trying to compete with these ‘gods’.

    Back to the point…

    The challenge does need to change…just because some writers DO feel as though their work is overshadowed by the more popular writers works. Some people may just see that their favorite author as posted an entry…and they like and reblog it…WHICH IS FINE! PERFECTLY FINE! But….they don’t then take the time to consider anyone else’s entries, which probably makes the other writers feel ignored and thus discouraged to write.



    Stop the flaming…stop calling people names…just friggin stop…

    Write the fics you want to write…and enter the challenge…and vote for who you want to…

    Just take the time and read the other entries as well…they might surprise you and be great too…and you will have found another author you like.

    Thanks for this.

    Of course, I could always just drop off the face of the (tumblr) earth, and believe me, I’m sure most people would be glad to see me go. I’m actually considering that option more and more every single day.

  10. ah FUCK.
    at least it’s Friday.

  11. Anonymous asked: I happen to think you're awesome! :)

    Well that’s refreshing.

    But also not particularly true. :P

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    do people think I’m stupid?


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